Annotation – A Bundle of Open Source Resources for Social Media Data Mining and Analysis

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We've reached the final annotation in our series on "Social Media Data Collection, Processing, and Use in Research, Marketing, and Political Communication." Toward the end of the project my research drifted from traditional academic sources to investigative journalism. We now veer further off-track into blog posts and GitHub repos. Some videos and a course syllabus on Data Science for Social Systems. Tools, documentation, and related sources that don't fit neatly into any particular box. This isn't so much an annotation as a grab bag of annotated links. I apologize in advance.

Annotation: A Survey on Sentiment Analysis and Opinion Mining Techniques

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The phrase "sentiment analysis" is high on the list of search terms for anyone seeking to understand how to process social media data. It's a component of Natural Language Processing (NLP), where a machine extracts (somewhat) accurate meaning from human language and textual information. This seems really hard, unless I'm wrong, because the whole AI field and NLP seem to be moving forward fast once again. Here's an annotation of a journal article that provides a decent overview.

Annotation: Interview with Ian Brooks

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I met Ian Brooks and his family through the theatre program at Champaign's Central High School, where our kids participated in numerous performances and the whole wonderful high school theatre thing. I knew he was doing research in the use of social media to inform public health interventions, as a faculty member of the University of Illinois iSchool and associate of the National Center for Supercomputing Applications. So when I took on this project he was the first person I wanted to consult for insight.