Project Report: Political Propaganda & Social Media

All seeing eye illustration

In 2019 Ellen Lechman and I embarked on a research project to begin assessing the use of social media to spread propaganda in nations other than the United States. With this focus in mind, we conducted a literature review of recent research on propagandistic interventions occurring in Asian and European nations. We surveyed available academic and other institutional publications, and produced an annotated bibliography detailing a baker's dozen of sources we deemed most relevant.

Annotation – Social Media Analysis – Challenges in Topic Discovery, Data Collection, and Data Preparation

Today's annotation summarizes an article published in late 2017 reporting on a systematic literature review of existing research on social media analytics. The authors seek to identify challenges that have not yet been solved by the models or the tools. I'll give you a hint at what they find: We are very good at looking for specific needles in the social media haystack, but not so good at finding the needles we're not looking for.